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Video Marketing Commercial

We produce/supply video marketing commercials for small business to help promote their goods and services to the market place.


Video Production & Voice Over

T.V. Commercial Airing

Social Media Marketing & Mobile Marketing

Digital Flyers



"Citi Globe video Marketing produced what we needed to reach our audiance." 

"We will use Citi Globe Video Marketing for all of our video marketing needs."

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We are running a 10% discount for first time clients.

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Sound for functions

Launch Party Promotions

On location Photography and Videography

DIgital Graphics  


Q :Do I own the footage 

A: yes 

Q; Can I come up with my own concept 

A: yes

Q:  How long does it take to produce the commercial

A: Commercials can take  2 days - a week to produce depending on the needs of each client.