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Marketing Video Production

The Citi Globe Video Marketing (TCG) was launched because we saw small businesses struggle getting their message out to the masses. We devised a plan to cater to small and mid-sized businesses. We are able to help create commercials for our clients to market their image on social media and TV, which is an effective medium for branding. We know all organizations need to brand their entity. We provide quality visual options to market their brand to the world.  

Our Team Keeps Your Hands Free!

Our team has over 20 of years of experience in Video Production and Marketing. This experience provides the perspective necessary to make informed decisions while designing your visuals. We can guarentee your marketing and advertising needs are used to focus your visual message. The final product is tailored to your mission in a way that relates best to your audience. 

Some of our clients  video commercials

The Metro Boyz Parties

Bright Idea Electrical  

Slammin Cuts Hair

IBNX Radio Network Marketing

Emerging Beyond with A’Cire Community

University of Georgia Student Programming WEBSITES MARKETING in Atlanta SOCIAL MEDIA in Atlanta

Video Services

Marketing Commercials

We provide full video production, from conceptualization to execution. We utilize pre-recorded footage, industry standard software and high-caliber equipment for the complete satisfaction of our clients’ needs.

TV Commercial Advertising

Get your commercial aired on multiple networks with Comcast TV.  Inquire about detailed pricing and information with our representatives.  

Mobile Advertising

We provide mobile marketing to targeted areas for clients that want to expand their brand. By reaching target audiences through social media, apps, and search-engine-optimization. 


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